What is a registry, registrar and registrant?

There a lot of things that goes on behind the scenes when you buy a domain name. Below we explain all the stages involved when you register a domain name.


The registry is responsible for the management of a top-level domain. They are responsible for setting up rules, regulations and policies for a particular domain or for multiple domains. For example, Verisign is the registry organization who are responsible for .com and .net, or Nominet who are solely responsible for any domain name ending in .uk such as co.uk and .org.uk


Registrar's are organisations that deals with registers on behalf of the registrant as a wholesaler. For example, Solelyweb is an accredited however, we deal directly with eNom, an accredited registrar that deals with multiple registrars. It allows us to offer a lot of TLD's to our customers, without having to adapt our systems to each registry.


The registrant is any individual citizen or bussiness that has a registered domain. The registrant owns the rights to use the domain for their website and email, as long as they pay the domain fee every year. When you host a domain here at Solelyweb, you are the registrant.

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