How to change nameservers?

DNS stands for Domain Name System. DNS is an Internet component that translates or converts human-memorable domain names such as into Internet Protocol (IP) addresses for computers to understand which in turn allows website contents to be displayed.

Changing nameservers

Step 1:

Log in to your clientarea -

Step 2:

From the clientarea page navigate to the side menu and click “My Domains”.

Step 3:

A list of all domain names will be displayed here. If you wish to the nameservers - select the adjacent check box that is aligned with the domain you want to make changes to.

Step 4:

With the adjacent check box selected, use the “With Selected” dropdown menu to select the "Manage Nameservers".

Step 5:

Enter the domain nameservers to which you

Step 6:

Click the Change Nameservers button.

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