How to setup a 301 redirect to another website in cPanel

A Records: Stands for Address Record and it is used to point a domain name to a particular server IP address where websites files and folders are held. For example, to access the solelyweb website you enter Stored within our name server is an A record that points to the IP address This means that a request from your browser to is directed to the server with IP address in order to display website contents.

Using A Record to redirect

  • Log in to your Solelyweb cPanel account.
  • Click the DNS Zone Editor tab under the "Domains" section
  • Find your domain in the list under the Domain heading. Under the Actions heading, click on the A Record link that corresponds with the domain you want to edit or modify the A record for.
  • A pop-up dialog box will display for you to fill in the data fields for your A Record. Type the Name and Address of your A record into the fields accordingly.
  • Click on the "Add A Record" to save.

Using Domain Redirect in cPanel

  • Log in to your Solelyweb cPanel account.
  • Click the Redirects button in the Domains section.
  • You will then be on the Add Redirect page. Click the drop-down box for Type and choose if you want to create a Permanent (301), or Temporary (302) redirect.
  • Click the next drop-down box and choose the domain you want to redirect.
  • For the slash '/' field enter any folder names if necessary.
  • Enter the address you want to redirect to in the Redirects to section.
  • Choose if you want to "Only redirect with www." "Redirect with or without www." or "Do Not Redirect www."
  • Check the box if you want to create a Wild Card Redirect. This will add the the file/folder name after the url when it redirect. For instance, would redirect to
  • Click the Add button when you are finished.
  • You are finished when you see a green message with the details of your redirect.

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