Forgot my Webmail password. How do I reset my email password?

Please note that reseting email password with also change your cPanel (Control Panel) password.

Step 1:

  • Option 1: Log into your Solelyweb account
  • Option 2: Go directly to the Webmail log into screen by clicking here . Skip to step 3
  • Option 3: Click on the "Webmail" tab at the top of this page. Skip to step 3

Step 2: (If you have choosen the first option) Once Logged in, Click on "Webmail" tab on the left hand side of the screen as the below images illustrates. Forgot Webmail Password From the above screen click on "Webmail" menu.

Step 3. Once you click on "Webmail" you will be taken to the below screen. From here click on Reset Password button (below the blue Log in button) Webmail Login Page

Step 4. From here (screen below) enter your username associated with cPanel account, then click the blue Reset Password button (pictured below) to initiate change password. change-webmail-password

Step 5. Once Reset password had been clicked. The below screen will be shown. From here enter your account Solelyweb email address. (This is important as you will recieve a reset code or security code this very email address). change-webmail-password-screen-2 Click Send Security Code button for security code to sent.

Step 6. Access your email, copy and paste the Security code from email to the following field and Click "Submit. You are now ready to change password - Step 7 change-webmail-password-screen-3

Step 7. After clicking on "Submit". The below screen will be displayed. Enter your new Password and click set Password. You will be sent an email confirmation regarading password change change-webmail-password-screen-4

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