What is MariaDB Database?

MariaDB is an open source Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) based on the MySQL. MariaDB is a replica of MySQL and it is also seen as an alternative database for MySQL.

The development of MariaDB was as result of Oracle Corporation acquisition of MySQL from Sun Microsystems in 2008.

What are the benefits of using MariaDB?

Firstly, MariaDB has been made to work seamlessly with MySQL thou making it easier for user to move a MySQL database directly into the MariaDB system easily or vice versa. Secondly, security flaws with MariaDB are easily managed and resolved in MariaDB and MySQL. Thirdly, there are millions of blogs, tutorials on MySQL which are also suitable for MariaDB and coupled with other specific blogs etc related specifically to MariaDB. Fourthly, MariaDB will continue to remain an open source database, as this was one the concerns why it was developed.

Fifthly, MariaDB and MySQL both support engines such as Aria, Spider, TokuDB and many more. However, with MariaDB search engines are part of the official release, which guarantees that the plugins are well integrated and easy to use.

MariaDB is free with our hosting packages. All Solelyweb clients have access to their MariaDB databases through their cPanel under phpMyAdmin. The official MariaDB page can be found at www.mariadb.com

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