Why do I get spam after registering a domain?

Spam emails are unwanted emails. For years spam emails have become nuisance to many individuals and businesses. As soon as you regsiter a domain name and create a email account be sure to expect spam emails. This will usually be spam emails offering about SEO, Website Design services or hosting and domain expiration emails. Do do not reply to such emails

How do spammers get my contact details?

The total prevention of spam emails is impossible. There are so many ways in which spammers can get email addresses without you giving it to them directly. For example, mailing list signup, commenting on a post etc.
One of the easiest way spammers can get access to your email address is through the WHOIS database. This is a public database where anyone (spammers) can look up and find details or data relating a particular domain or IP address. Unfortunately, when you buy or register a domain from us, we are obliged to add the registrant (or your) details to the WHOIS database. This is a requirement from ICANN, the organisation who manages all Generic Top-level domains (gTLDs).

How do I stop these emails?

As mentioned previously, the total prevention of spam emails is impossible. However, they can be reduced. The following is a list of some of the ways you can stop or reduce spam emails:

  • Purchase ID Protection when registering a domain name. With ID Protection your personal information with be replaced with a proxy information. You will still be the owner of the domain.
  • Enable SpamAssasin. Click here to learn how to enable SpamAssasin

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