Why is my personal information still visible?

When you register a domain you are required to provide accurate and up to date registrant information including your name, email address and postal address. Based on ICANN policies information must be made public on the WHOIS database or directory.

What is a WHOIS lookup?

WHOIS is a directory service that provides information about domain names or IP addresses. Within the WHOIS database of a person or an organization who owns a domain include their name, address, phone number and email address and other essential information about the domain such as registration date, The access to the WHOIS directory or database is complete free and can be done through different websites such as http://who.is/ and https://whois.icann.org/en amongst others.

What is a WHOIS privacy?

For certain domain types you can opt out of having this information displayed during the lookup. Some domain registrants would rather not have this information displayed publicly, which is why we offer the WHOIS privacy option. WHOIS Privacy is a privacy protection service for domain names. Essentially WHOIS Privacy makes your domain registration private by replacing your publicly available contact details with a proxy. This protects you from unsolicited contact and over unwelcomed attention like fake domain renewals and spam.

How to Update Whois Domain Contact info?

You can update your whois through the domain manager. You can do multiple domains at a time.

  • Log into your cPanel
  • Go to the Domain Manger under the Domains section.
  • On the left, click to highlight the domain. The right side will populate with tabs.
  • Click on the contacts tab.
  • Under contacts, you have three sections; Registrant, Admin, Billing. Depending on what you want to update, you put a check mark in each on. The email address under Admin is where the transfer emails are sent to.
  • At the bottom, click Update Contact Information.

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